Yoga Biz Tips # 3: 

Get to know yourself – make this a priority in your journey in business.  The better you know yourself, your strengths, weaknesses, skills and abilities, the better able you will be to manage, promote and grow your business – and the better informed you will be about when/where you need help.  If your strength is in marketing, make the most of that strength and let it flow.  If your weakness is in day-to-day management, know that you will need to establish procedures, checklists and systems to keep you focused and on-track with day-to-day business…and this might be an area to get some start up or management help.  Running a business is a constant process of getting to know yourself – so don’t miss out on this opportunity.  

Biz Quote of the Month:
Success in mind-body business comes from repeat customers; customers who love your teaching, your class, or your massage, and customers that bring their friends with them.

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