Yoga Biz Tips #6

This month’s tips come from new yoga teacher Gen who has just shared some great insights from her first 6 months as a yoga teacher:

Some things I have learnt from this journey:

  • Always oversubscribe classes because you will never have a 100 per cent turn out (ie: 50 inquiries = 15 registered students)
  • When you advertise a class as a strong Vinyasa workout you are going to get people whose level of fitness and yoga experience is limited and you need to be able to adapt to the varying levels in the class and vise versa, when you advertise a beginners class or a stretch and relaxation class you will get people who have higher levels of ability than you predict
  • People will try and get a free ride if they can (even when the prices are relatively low) and you need to be strict about payment arrangements
  • There is a strong sense of liberation in running your own classes independent of a studio, you can find your own voice and write newsletters with content of your own choice and follow your instinct (lovely experience after working in the public service for over 10 years). I send out monthly yoga updates to my small client base which I use as an opportunity to cover things in detail that I can’t in class.
  • Not to over-plan classes, but rather go in with a theme and very general structure to guide you
  • Links with other yoga teachers who can give you feedback, fill in for you and talk about yoga are great
  • Ongoing professional development is also very important
  • You are never going to be able to please everybody
  • Teaching yoga brings a new dimension to your yoga practice and is very fulfilling

Do you have something to share that you’ve learned from your teaching practice? We’d all love to hear it, so send your biz tips to

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