Have you recently upgraded or replaced your old yoga mat and not sure what to do with your old, faithful mat?  Yoga mats are handy around the house, the car, the garage and the shop to prevent slipping, soften hard surfaces, and provide cushioning.  A few of my clients with handy partners have even found that their mat is slowly dissected even when they are still using it!  Here are a few ideas for what you can do with your old yoga mat:

  • Cut the old mat up to use as support for ankles, elbows and knees when practicing yoga or meditation.
  •  Yoga mats are actually carpet under-padding, so you can use your mat to keep small carpets from slipping, and add extra support under your carpets or area rugs.
  • Give your mat to the dog, it’s a great washable surface for pets to sleep on, keeping out the cold from floors and providing some support for old dogs joints.  You can also use it to protect your car seats when transporting pets to the vet etc.
  • Donate your mat; homeless shelters can use them as sleeping mats, and animal shelters can use them to line cages.
  • Cut mats into small pieces to place under wobbly table legs, or under all table legs to prevent slipping and/or scratches on your wood floors.
  • Place mats under the washing machine to reduce machine noise and keep your machine from moving during the rinse cycle.
  • Use the mat to create a supportive surface in your workshop, keeps tools and wood from slipping.
    Glue or tape onto sharp corners in the garage or shop to prevent scrapes on the car and machinery.
  • Place under and around the cat-litter box, or cut to size and place under houseplants to prevent damage to your floors.
  • Cut into smaller pieces to use as grip-liners, helps you open jars with ease.
  • And of course you can use the mat wherever you need a cushioned surface; when lying by the pool, sliding under the car to do some maintenance, kneeling in the garden, or picnicking on the lawn.

How have you put your old mat to use?  We’d love to hear your ideas…

First published in the Mind Body Messenger newsletter 2009

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