Trinity Grad Update May 2011

This month I have had a few questions from grads on running Corporate Yoga Classes.  It’s one of my favorite mediums for sharing Yoga, and if you are interested in teaching Corporate Classes a few ways to get them running are:

•    Contact companies directly – usually HR handles workplace wellness programs and has a budget for programs just like yoga!

•    Know someone in a business or office who can serve as a ‘program champion’ and help get the ball rolling by talking it up, sending out emails, and helping to coordinate the program from the inside.

•    Hire a venue at lunchtime or afterwork in an area that has a lot of businesses or government departments and then distribute notices throughout all the businesses, and if possible get your class info posted in the workplace email bulletins.

•    Offer a free class before your first block of classes begins so that students can get a feel for you, the program, and what it’s like to do Yoga at work.  It’s a great way to get the word out!

When teaching Corporate Classes, here are a few tips:

Be on time – be there early to get set up and end the class on time – especially if it’s a lunchtime class.

Be professional and organized – this creates and environment of mutual respect and trust.

No dogma – unless it is specifically requested keep chanting, partner yoga, and spiritual discussion out of the class.

In your techniques try to remember that they will have to spend the rest of they day together so some things that make people feel a bit more vulnerable might not work in a corporate class, or might have to be introduced gradually.

Consider the collective lifestyle – are they at computers all day?  If so, use techniques that help to alleviate the tensions that are created by sitting and computer use – and even give some simple techniques that they can take back to their desks.

Make sure each class has a bit of guided relaxation – most corporate classes you will find that people have a hard time switching off, so a little guided relaxation through autosuggestion, body-focussed or breath-based meditation is usually much appreciated and highly beneficial.

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