A favorite move from the Core Yoga sequence, this technique is ideal for building core strength in the deep muscles of the abdomen and also important ‘core’ muscles in the shoulder joint and rotator cuff.  Add it to your existing yoga practice or fitness program and you’ll feel the benefits straight away.

Start: begin in Hands and Knees Position with your spine neutral, fingers spread and active.  Knees together and toes tucked under.

Exhale: compress your belly without changing the shape of your spine and lift knees off the ground just 1 centimeter.

Hold the position and take 5 breaths.

Exhale: release, take a Vinyasa or take a break, and then repeat it again for another 5 breaths.


  • If you have pre-existing wrist issues or experience wrist pain, double or triple up the end of the mat under the heels of the hands.
  • If you find that you are feeling tension in your thighs, try transferring more weight forward into your hands.
  • Work in the posture you want to have – watch the tendency to push your chin forward, focus on keeping your head in alignment with your spine.

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