This year I’ll be sharing Thai Yoga Massage Levels 2-4 in the Sunshine Coast so this is a great opportunity to take your massage practice to the next level, open doors to customizing your massage for maximum benefit, and learning heaps more techniques to bring to your massage practice and attaining the Essential and Intermediate Certification levels.

These will be the only Level 3 & 4 courses I will be offering this year, so if you are keen to complete your Intermediate Certification this is your chance!

Level 2: Aug 25-28 $660 (register before Jul 14 and save $60)
Level 3: Sep 22-24 $450 (register before Aug 11 and save $45)
Level 4: Sep 25-27 $450 (register before Aug 11 and save $45)

Get all the details on these upcoming courses and register at Yoga NRG

Level 2: Have a complete review of Level 1 techniques, plus learn another 90 minutes of techniques (including the amazing side lying sequence) and explore customizing for the individual. Essential Certification awarded upon completion of coursework (140 hours CPD)

Level 3: Twists and Knees. Learn 60 minutes of new techniques, including some incredible twists, and how to apply massage with your knees and save your wrists!

Level 4: Marmas and Massage. Learn 60 minutes of new techniques, including 18 important marma (vital energy) points and how they can bring healing to each individual.

Intermediate Certification awarded upon completion of Levels 3 & 4 coursework (108 hours CPD)

For more details on each level of training visit our Thai Yoga Massage page

Haven’t taken Level 1 yet? Danielle from Yoga NRG will be offering a Thai Yoga Massage Level 1 training in the Sunshine Coast in June – check it out at Yoga NRG

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