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Our Thai Yoga Massage Online Taster Went Better Than Expected!

I’ve been teaching Thai yoga massage practitioner training programs since 2008, but this was my first try at teaching online, and I was not sure how it was going to go.  But, to my happy surprise it went really well.  The participants learned so much, their technique and practice were terrific, and in fact I was able to offer a few more techniques than usual in the 3-hour taster.

So, with that success, I will be scheduling another 3-hour Online Taster for late August, and I’m starting to put plans in place to share a Thai Yoga Massage Level 1 training for September.

Before I get too invested in dates, though, I wanted to hear from you about timings.  I’ve organized the workshop so that it’s broken up into manageable parts, so that we have the time and space we need to learn, practice and share all the massage techniques, but don’t get Zoomed-out.

My Questions For You:

  • would you prefer some sessions to be on weekends or weeknights?
  • Do the school holidays affect your ability to attend?
  • Would you rather stretch sessions out longer over a month or two, or get it all done in a few weekends?

The course will include 30.5 hours of live Zoom sessions.  That includes four 5-hour sessions, and three 3.5-hour sessions.  We can do:

  • 2 weekends (Sat & Sun) and then 3 Sundays
  • 7 Saturdays or 7 Sundays
  • 2 weekends (Sat & Sun) and then 3 weeknights
  • 3 weekends (Sat & Sun), and then 1 Sunday or weeknight

I know, that’s too many options. I just wanted to throw some ideas out to you, and then see what will work best for the majority.  One of the key concerns is each of you being able to secure a practice partner who can commit to the same hours as you, whether that’s a family member, friend, or yoga buddy.

A few basics on the course:

Thai Yoga Massage Level 1 Training

In this practitioner training program you will learn and apply a full 90-minute Thai Yoga Massage sequence including yoga postures, assisted stretching, acupressure, energy work, massage and meditation.

Who Can Study Thai Yoga Massage?

This program is open to yoga teachers, mind-body movement instructors, bodyworkers, or anyone wishing to share a deeply relaxing massage.

  • Pre-requisites: None
  • Professional Development Hours: 30.5 hours contact/Zoom, 31.5 hours non-contact (62 total)

Practice Partners

Because this is an online program, and due to Covid-safe practices, either you’ll need to find a friend or family member who wants to join up and learn with you.  I’m considering offering a few registration options for people who want to do the full course and receive a certificate, or for those who wish to participate but don’t wish to be certified.  Your preferences and suggestions in this are most welcome.

If you have questions, preferences, or want to express interest, use the green button on your screen to drop us a line or email

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