Trinity Grad Update June 2011

Success in Business – A Few Tips For A Successful Thai Yoga Massage Practice

I have gotten a few questions lately from our Thai Yoga Massage grads on how to get business flowing, and thought I’d share just a few ideas on how to get more clients for your Thai Yoga Massage Practice.  Firstly, I think we all find that the practice ebbs and flows, particularly for the first year as it takes some time to build up a base of clients.  The key, just like when practicing Yoga, is to be consistent in your efforts.  When business flows, don’t leave off your marketing because there will always be a time of ebb.  And during those slower periods don’t lose heart – keep up your marketing and promotions and trust that your new clients are just around the corner!

Word of mouth is your best (and cheapest) form of advertising, so the more massages you can do, the better.  If you are looking to attract more clients a few ways you can do that are:

•    Offer a block of 5 massages with a discount
•    Offer gift certificates, especially around special times like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas etc.
•    Offer a ‘free massage for a friend’ certificate for a month to drum up some new clients
•    Get an article and photo in your local newspaper (this can be done easily if you have something free to offer, if your skill is a new one in the area, or if you are doing volunteer free massages at a local event (ie: fun run, health fair, seniors centre etc)
•    Give free massages to other practitioners who would be enthusiastic to recommend your services ie: yoga teacher, fitness trainers, chiropractors etc.
•    And my #1 tip is to have a website that is informative, inspiring, and introduces prospective clients to you and the experience of Thai Yoga Massage.  100% of my new clients visit my website prior to meeting with me, so it is a great tool to advertise your amazing services, and to support all your other marketing and word-of-mouth efforts.

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