Adjusting Assisting Partner Yoga Workbook

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Adjusting, Assisting, Partner Yoga Workbook

This 83-page downloadable PDF workbook is the essential text in our 2 and 5-day post-graduate Adjusting Assisting Partner Yoga intensive, and offers theory, philosophy, and techniques in sharing safe, effective, and inquiry-based hands-on adjusting techniques.

This workbook explores cuing, alignment, self-adjusting, hands-on adjustments, assisting yoga postures, and partner yoga in a safe and effective practice that respects individual difference, and each unique student’s goals, needs and abilities.

As well, this workbook includes discussion on demonstrating and teaching the philosophies of yoga in the use of touch in classes and private sessions, with a focus on when to touch, when not to touch, and the use of consent cards.

Areas of Study:

Exploring Alignment – Seeing into the Essence

  • Energetic Anatomy
  • Elements
  • Vayus
  • Opposing Actions
  • Key Actions (primary movements, plans, levers, purpose)

Non-Contact Alignment and Adjusting

  • Refining Your Cuing
  • Self-Adjustment

Adjusting and Assisting

  • Simple Touch
  • Architectural Adjusts
  • Deepening Assists

Partner Yoga – The Yoga of Relationship

  • Class Structure
  • Partner Yoga Poses


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