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In Vinyasa Flow and Core Yoga the Downward Facing Dog is one of our staple poses, used as a transitional movement and a ‘resting’ pose.  But, because it is so familiar, and because often there is a quicker pace in our transitions, there is a danger that we lose awareness of how we move into and out of the pose.  This short slow flow is aimed at developing ‘core’ strength, not just in the abdomen and back, but the ‘core’ strength in your shoulders.  This flow is a great opportunity to slow down, explore each part of the transition, and enhance breath, core activation, and body awareness throughout the transitions into and out of Downward Facing Dog.

A special note: If you have tension or pain in your wrists, double or triple up the end of the mat under the heels of the hands.  And, if you are working on building up your upper body strength, you might need to take a few extra breaks in Child’s pose during this flow, but over the coming weeks you can work your way up to the full flow.

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