Often called ‘the Quadruped’ this is an excellent technique for people who suffer from back pain, and to reduce the risk of back pain or injury.  Pointer Dog balances the left and right side of body/mind, activates core muscles to support the spine, and develops great body/mind awareness.

Begin on hands and knees with the heels of hands under shoulders, knees under hips.  Find a neutral spine with back of head in line with tailbone. Imagine you have the same shape of spine as you would if you were standing.

Inhale: stretch right arm and left leg out to straight, pointing to the ground. Rotate inner thigh to the sky to bring pinkie toes to the ground.

Exhale: lift right arm and left leg up to parallel with the ground, maintaining neutral spine.

Inhale: hold for 3 breaths

Exhale: return to start position and repeat with left arm and right leg.

Repeat: 3 times on each side.

Note: your focus here is to lift the arm and leg without your neutral spine changing shape – so only lift as high as you can without your back arching, or hips rotating.

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