This time of year in North America when the temperature begins to dip below zero, Christmas preparations add a bit more pressure to our “to do” lists, and snow, sleet and rain deter us from stepping out of the warmth of our cars, the Drive Thru becomes a commuter’s best friend. Recently, I was in line at Tim Hortons’ and I let another car in front of me. The couple in the car looked surprised when I waved them in, but I thought nothing of it until I got to the window and the cashier informed me that the car in front of me had paid for my tea. What? I asked. The cashier looked just as confused as me and she explained again that the driver ahead of me had paid in advance for my tea. Then I got it; he was saying thanks for letting me in. I was so touched, it really made my day, and I decided to pass on the good cheer by paying for the coffee of the car behind me. The cashier was starting to catch on and she was smiling too when she gave me my change. I smiled just thinking about how surprised that driver would be when he realized that a total stranger had paid for his coffee. By the time he realized it, I would be long gone, and he would be left with a free coffee, a smile, and a choice. Would he pass it on?

First Published in the Mind Body Messenger Newsletter 2006

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