One of my favorite things about Partner Yoga is that it gives both partners an opportunity to practice yoga, while supporting each other and being supported.  Partner Yoga requires communication and trust, and is a great practice for partners, friends, or family.  Do be listening to your partner, and be willing to speak up –  if something doesn’t feel safe or appropriate be willing to reduce or modify.

The Ship’s Prow is a fun partner Yoga pose to share where one partner gets a long backbend, and the other partner gets to practice core strengthening Boat Pose.  This posture takes strength, focus, trust, and communication.

Getting Started:

Partner 1 sit on a mat with knees bent, feet flat on the ground.

Partner 2, sit on the mat behind Partner 1.

Partner 1 reach arms behind your body so Partner 2 can hold your wrists.

Partner 2 place your feet on Partner 1’s mid back.

Simultaneously Partner 2 presses their feet forward and up to lift, while Partner 1 stands into their feet and leans back.

Hang out here and breath, then switch and repeat.

Note: pictured here is Tammy and Jules at a recent Adjusting, Assisting, and Partner Yoga training – so comfortable in Ship’s Prow they are taking some time to read and relax!

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