I have just returned from an amazing three weeks in Melbourne where I shared Core Yoga Instructor Training and Levels 1 & 2 Thai Yoga Massage Training.  It was wonderful to share so much Yoga with people from around Australia and around the world.  Although Core Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage are quite different programs, the thing that they (and all our programs) have in common is the focus on Metta.

Metta means loving-kindness or compassion, and it is the foundation of all that we teach here at Yoga Trinity, and one of the main aims of my practice.  As a teacher and practitioner it is my aim to establish a place of Metta in my classroom, offer Metta to each and every student that I encounter, and inspire my students to embrace Metta in their practice and teaching.  Being compassionate isn’t always easy, as you know.  But, the funny thing that I have noticed about myself is that Metta towards others is a practice that requires focus, but in many ways it comes quite easily.  Metta towards myself though…hm…that can sometimes be a tricky one.  I notice that I am often willing to overlook my own discomfort if taking a break, making a change, or saying no isn’t convenient or efficient, or gets in the way of my service to others.  But Metta, when you focus on it, is a great teacher and what I have learned from Metta is that when I disregard my own needs, the Metta stops flowing between me and my clients, students, friends etc.  So, if I can’t be convinced to extend compassion and loving-kindness towards myself for, well, myself, then perhaps I can use this as motivation; when you choose to disregard yourself and lack self-directed Metta, you can’t really share true Metta with anyone else.

So, I have decide that May is for Metta, and compassion and lovingkindness will be my focus for this month.  How can I lovingly show myself Metta, and then allow that Metta to flow on to everyone else I encounter.  Perhaps you will join me for May is for Metta and take this month to give and receive lovingkindness to self, others, the world…wow, what a month this could turn out to be!

Wishing you all a metta-filled May.


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  1. Just wanted to let you know I really appreciated your words on Metta for May. The idea of Metta towards oneself is something I also find an ongoing challenge. I’m often referred to as ‘tough’ by those who know me. Although meant in a positive way, it got me thinking that consciously nourishing the gentle Metta-inspired side of this strength (particularly towards myself) might actually fortify the ‘tough’ that isn’t always so well-rounded in it’s strength if you know what I mean 🙂 Something to think through May and beyond…
    Gabrielle N

  2. Beautiful Heather.
    Funny, I started a Self Love eCourse during the week that we did the training! So May is certainly the month for Metta. Working with vulnerability is quickly becoming an important practice. From this course there was the lovely line saying ‘What makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful’. That’s well worth keeping in mind.
    You are definitely right, when you love yourself it radiates out to others. The moment you stop loving yourself the river runs dry.
    Thanks for your openness!
    Lucilla H.

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