Favorite Blogs & Newsletters

I just sent this out to our current group of Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher trainees and thought you all might like to hear about some favorite yoga, anatomy & massage blogs that help us to continue learning, pose by pose, muscle by muscle, yama by yama.  If you have a favorite resource we’d love to hear about it!

I Love Anatomy e-zine by Susi Hately www.anatomyandasana.com
Yoga University Online https://yogauonline.com/
Yoga Journal/My Yoga Mentor www.yogajournal.com
Leslie Kaminoff www. https://yogaanatomy.net/
David Kiel https://www.yoganatomy.com/
Paul Grilley https://www.paulgrilley.com/
Paul Ingraham https://saveyourself.ca/
Matthew Remski (WAWADIA) https://www.matthewremski.com/
Yoga Basics https://www.yogabasics.com/
Yoga Dork https://yogadork.com/
Yoganonymous https://www.yoganonymous.com/
The Yoga Blog https://www.theyogablog.com/
Do You Yoga https://www.doyouyoga.com/
Daily Cup of Yoga https://www.dailycupofyoga.com/

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