Program Policies   By completing my registration in a Yoga Trinity program, I agree to the following conditions:  

  • I will not engage in practice if a pre-existing medical condition could be negatively affected by physical activity, including yoga, Pilates, and massage.
  • I will seek medical clearance before participating in practice if more

Yes, if you have previously studied/paid for one or more of the units in this course, you can be credited with course hours (if completed) and the fees paid for the study unit(s).  Note, cost credits apply to the cost of the full training only and cannot be applied to sales, early-bird rates or concession more

Our new 350-hour curriculum was designed around meeting a variety of lifestyles, learning styles, and life circumstances, so that you can work at your own pace, in your own time, and complete your certificate in a time-frame that works for you. If you are eager to dive deep into your studies and complete your certificate, you can begin your Online Study as soon as you more

Yoga Alliance – Upon graduation from the Trinity Yoga Teacher Training program you will automatically be more

Upon graduation you will be able to access public liability and professional indemnity insurance. To operate your own yoga business/teaching practice insurance is essential to protect you and your students in case of loss or injury. It is your responsibility as an instructor to ensure that coverage is provided for each class or private session that you instruct. In most cases, more

Virtual Courses: All Zoom sessions will be recorded, so if you have to miss a virtual workshop a recording will be available for you to review in your own time. Face-to-Face Courses:  If you have to miss a face-to-face session, you can join us for virtual (live Zoom) sessions, or review the virtual more

There are some circumstances in life that we cannot predict, and if an obstacle comes up in your life that causes you to have to discontinue your studies, we can work together to try to assist you in completing the course at another time. This will be dealt with on a “case by case” basis, but know that we will accommodate our teacher trainees to the best of our more

Absolutely. We understand that not everyone can take large blocks of time away from work and family responsibilities to undertake training. You can take just one module to deepen your practice and begin to explore yoga. Or, you can take modules in different cities at times that work for you. See the Module-by-Module study calendar for more, and please discuss with your course more

Simple answer? No. Long answer: Students interested in joining a teacher training program often ask me this question, and the answer is quite simple; If you have found yoga to be an important part of your life and your personal growth, if you have a sincere desire to learn, and if you are passionate about bringing all the rewards and experiences of yoga to others then you more

Many students come to teacher training to simply deepen their own practice and knowledge of the rich teachings of yoga. Having said that, many of these students discover during the process that they do have a desire to become teachers, but this is not essential. Our pre-requisite for the course is that students have a committed practice and a sincere desire to learn, what you more

If you aren’t sure if teacher training is for you, or if this course is a good fit for you, you can have a ‘taste’ of teacher training with: If you would like to have a ‘taste’ of yoga teacher training, the 50-hour Vinyasa Flow Foundations program is a great more