I get a lot of newsletters in my inbox every day.  I like to keep up with all the yoga, fitness and wellness news happening around the world and I get great tips from some of my favorite teachers.  But, I have noticed that with so much information coming to me each day that the sheer number of tips, guidelines and motivations that I receive can get a little overwhelming.  Add to that all the advice, suggestions and advertising that I am exposed to by television, radio, chats with friends, magazines and books and I’m absolutely swamped with ideas on how to improve myself.  Maybe you can relate and find, like me, that it’s not a little bit confusing, and definitely daunting to try to keep up with all the things that I ‘should’ do.  Just today I’ve been advised to try Crossfit, reorganize my workspace, practice random acts of kindness, wash my clothes in vinegar, eat more kale, watch how my shoulderblades move, be more positive, make an inspiration board, check my zinc levels, and eat tomatoes and avocados together to prevent…I can’t remember…but to prevent something.  And that’s just one day of messages of what I should be doing to be more like I should be.

We are receiving so many messages of what to do and how to be that it just becomes a constant drone in the background of our busy lives.  So, too often we don’t take on these suggestions, or we think about it, but then life moves us on.  So, here is one more piece of healthy living guidance – for this month, from all the great ideas that have come your way lately, pick one thing that has piqued your interest.  Choose one thing that feels right for you, something appropriate for your body/time/lifestyle etc., something acheivable that is in line with your aims – and do it.  Do one thing, and do it every day.  Sure, you’ll be distracted, you’ll get busy, someone else will tell you that they have a better suggestion.  But, what would happen if you just did that one thing completely and whole-heartedly?  It would likely have more impact than the fifty half-hearted things that we all intend to adopt but never really get around to.  And, likely a lot of the suggestions that we get aren’t appropriate for us anyway.

So, why not give it a try this month.  Pick one thing, whether it be about your diet, your practice, your schedule, your relationships, your attitude…whatever strikes your fancy.  And just do it.

I look forward to hearing how you go this month as you Do One Thing!

In the meantime, I hope your June is full of joyfullness…wherever you are in the world!

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