We have just completed our Canberra Yoga Teacher Training and I’m feeling super blessed to have shared the journey with some awesome yogis.  Thanks to the support of our past graduates who came back to assist, and our teacher training graduates friends and families who all gave their time so generously, from being volunteer students to make sandwiches for the kids, I want to thank you all for making it possible for your loved ones to follow their passion and become a Registered Yoga Instructor!

Congratulations to our newest Trinity Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teachers (look out world – here they come):
Felicity Wiseman, NSW, Janita Holt, ACT, Helen Johnson, ACT, Sally Cox, ACT, Jordan Martin, ACT, Danielle Stone, ACT, Gillian Pereira, ACT, Kerry Bartlett, ACT, Louise Keightly, ACT, Jen Brown, ACT, Kim Maree Janszen, ACT, Debbie Miller, ACT, Eli Haski, ACT, Sally Roberts, ACT, Lisa Portolan, ACT, Chanel Cen, ACT, Lin McKenzie, QLD

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