Congratulations to our newest Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teachers.  Over the past 6 months these yogis have been studying and practicing earnestly, and have all demonstrated great skillfulness in creating a space for yoga, leading a safe and effective class, and being enthusiastic and sincere ambassadors for the yoga community.  Congratulations to you all, now get out into the world and let your light shine!

Noral Ahadizad, Canberra, Amanda Rivers, Canberra, Genevieve Hassall, Canberra, Niki De Domenico, Canberra, Lisa Eisenhauer, Wagga Wagga, Kenton Turner, Canberra, Locki Gillis, Canberra, Tanja Polegubic, Canberra, Victoria McLaughlin, Canberra, David Pereira, Canberra, Emma Steil, Canberra, Cassie Radnedge, Yass, Noni Keenan, Canberra, Narelle Forsyth, Wagga Wagga, Harriet Adams, Canberra, Lesley Levy, Canberra, Bianca Mardikoesno, Canberra, Beth Battrick, Canberra, Bec Taliano, Canberra, Kylie Gorey, Canberra.  

Special thanks to Power Yoga Canberra for sharing their space with us, and to our amazing assistants Robyn Lewis, Angela Thurston, Kerryn Simmons, Katrina Hansen, Jen Brown, Nicole Bain, KM Janszen, and Bernie Morris for sharing your journey and wisdom!

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