Congratulations to our newest Vinyasa Flow Yoga Instructors who graduated our Adelaide training this year.  They are all heading back to their communities, from Adelaide to Nihll, to share their light and their love of yoga with their communities.  Please join me in congratulating: Roz Hill, Simone Higgins, Daniela Figueroa, Danielle Paphitis, Elisa Franklin, Rosemary Wallis, Georgia Vertue, Adele Bouquerel, Rachel Oliver, Melissa Lewis, Elsa Huang, Shannon Griffin, Belinda Arjona, Derek Milne, Bec Ford, Monique Leverington, Simone Vinall.

Special thanks to Monique at Synergy Yoga & Pilates for her fabulous hosting and support, and to all of those who kept the home fires burning while your loved ones dove deep into their studies and practice this past few months.

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