One of my favorite things about Partner Yoga is that it gives both partners an opportunity to practice yoga, while supporting each other and being supported.  Partner Yoga requires communication and trust, and is a great practice for partners, friends, or family.  Do be listening to your partner, and be willing to speak up -  if something doesn’t feel safe or appropriate more

Download Free Practice Cards... We have just celebrated the graduation of our most recent group of Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teachers and one of the areas of study in our program is the foundations of Yoga established in the Yoga Sutras, an ancient text which provides a framework and logical progression for the practice of Yoga. When I first studied the Yamas and Niyamas the new more

I recently discovered the my website has not been forwarding inquiries and registrations to me for the past few months (eek!) If you have sent an inquiring or registration and not heard back from me I sincerely apologize.  If you do want to join us for a program, I am happy to extend any Earlybird Savings to you that you might have missed.  If you would like to more

This is a simple pose that stretches the shoulders and arms and is a great addition to your yoga practice, post-workout stretch, or even at your desk to relieve tension and improve posture. Start sitting comfortably with your spine straight and easy.  Reach your right arm overhead, turn your palm inwards so your pinkie finger faces forward, and relax your shoulder down. more

This is a favorite stretch for the hips, back, and side of the body.  Ideal for post Pilates, fitness, long hikes, or as a part of the hip opening or restorative sequence in your Yoga practice.  Best practiced when you are warm and joints well lubricated. To Start: Lie on your back with knees bent, feet flat and placed on the outer edges of your mat ( more

I have had a few questions this week about sweaty hands sliding in Downward Dog, and tension in wrists and shoulders as a possible result.  Here are a few ideas to explore in your Adho Mukha Svanasana - Downward Facing Dog that I hope can help. Question: My hands slide on my mat in Downward Dog and there is a lot of tension in my shoulders, what do I do? more

There are many ways to use props in your yoga practice to support your body, enhance technique, deepen your postures, and experience deep relaxation. Most commonly used props include blankets, straps, and blocks/bricks, and even if you don’t have the yoga-fied version of these props, you can usually find something around the house that will work. Blankets more