Can You Be Really Fit and Still Have a Poor Core?

Is it possible that a student can work out, practice yoga, or do Pilates regularly, and still have a poor or weak core? Absolutely! It’s frustrating, I know, but the issue can be a bit complex, and combine any of the following: Weak deep core muscles, including pelvic floor, might go unnoticed if you are really strong in your larger or more superficial muscles. Poor more

Home Yoga Practice

Time seems to be the biggest obstacle that most of us face when it comes to having a daily practice.  Setting aside an hour or two to practice can be a struggle when there are so many things to get done each day and so many distractions, and so many of us find that a home practice is more of a regular wish than a regular habit. In my early days of Ashtanga Yoga practice, more

Thread the Needle

This sweet and simple spinal warm up is ideal for preparing the spine for practice. This pose warms up the spine through rotation, helps to connect us to the flow of breath and movement, and creates mobility and stability in the shoulder joints. 1: Take hands and knees position. 2: Inhale, rotate your spine to the right, extend right arm out/up as far as is comfortable 3: more

Business of Yoga Pt 1

Starting any business is such an exciting experience, and when it’s your dream yoga career that just makes it even more exciting! However, before you get to the fun stuff of naming your business and designing your logo, there are a few things you might want to do. I have been having a few great conversations lately about yoga business, and I thought I’d share some more

Bhekasana – Frog Pose

Great for all ages, this pose can be playful, practical, or deeply restorative.  Frog is a great posture from which to enter other deep hip openers, or arm balances like Crow.  Therapeutic applications of Frog Pose include alleviating menstrual cramps, low back pain, and constipation. To Begin:  From Downward Facing Dog, step or hop your feet to the outside edges of your more

Congratulations Yoga Teachers!

We have just completed our Canberra Yoga Teacher Training and I'm feeling super blessed to have shared the journey with some awesome yogis.  Thanks to the support of our past graduates who came back to assist, and our teacher training graduates friends and families who all gave their time so generously, from being volunteer students to make sandwiches for the kids, I want to more

How Hot Should Yoga Be?

There is an ongoing discussion in Yoga as to what temperature the room should be during practice.  Some students swear by their hot yoga practice, while others suffer in the heat.  Some students crave ventilation while others are wearing several layers.  Certainly in our Canberra winters it can be a challenge just to get to room up to ‘room temperature’.  And there are more

Your Core is Not Just About Your Abs

Yes, Core Yoga or any core-centred practice will help you strengthen your abdominal muscles, but a core-focussed practice is about far more than a 6-pack. Functionally, your core encompasses more than the muscles you can see (or not see!) on your abdomen. Your core includes your back, pelvis, shoulders – more

Spinal Rotation

This simple warm-up posture comes from the Trinity Core Yoga program, and is ideal for warming up the spine, opening the chest, and deepening the breath.  Try it to warm up before a yoga practice, after a long period of computer use to loosen the spine and release the chest, or after a workout to cool down and stretch. Begin: Lie on your right side with a rolled blanket or more

Knee To Shoulder Pose

Also called Vayu Nishkasana - Wind Relieving Pose, this posture is simple to do but very effective in stretching the hips, massaging the internal organs, and relieving excess 'wind' from the body and the mind.  Particularly useful for the Vata constitution (see Ayurveda articles for more on that), this pose is great to settle an overactive mind and soothe gas, bloating, or more