A favorite move from the Core Yoga sequence, this technique is ideal for building core strength in the deep muscles of the abdomen and also important ‘core’ muscles in the shoulder joint and rotator cuff.  Add it to your existing yoga practice or fitness program and you’ll feel the benefits straight away. Start: begin in Hands and Knees Position with your spi..read more

Mind Body Messenger April 2011 Hello Friends, I was recently in discussion with a group of yoga teachers when one teacher mentioned an article that she had read that suggested that yoga injuries were on the rise in Australia, and that the fault lay with both an overabundance of yoga teachers and the inexperience of many of these teachers.  Everyone is entitled to their o..read more

Trinity Grad Update June 2011 Success in Business - A Few Tips For A Successful Thai Yoga Massage Practice I have gotten a few questions lately from our Thai Yoga Massage grads on how to get business flowing, and thought I'd share just a few ideas on how to get more clients for your Thai Yoga Massage Practice.  Firstly, I think we all find that the practice ebbs and flow..read more

Hip Pretzel Glut Stretch Core Yoga

The muscles of the buttocks/gluteal region are many and varied and include the large ‘gluts’ as well as smaller, deeper muscles like piriformis which help to move and stabilize the pelvis.  For some, these muscles can become troubled by excessive movement, trauma, or postural habits.  This can occasionally become a problem for some people; causing back pain, hip pain, and..read more

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Recorded live at our recent Bendigo retreat, this practice is best suited to those with experience in Ashtanga/Vinyasa Yoga. Stream at the yogiheather wordpress blog or use this URL to subscribe to the yogiheather iTunes podcast and..read more

Core Yoga Instructor Training Australia

This free podcast guides you through a quick 20 minute yoga/pilates sequence designed to strengthen your abdominals, lower back, and upper body in a fluid sequence that will challenge your body, focus your breath, and clear your mind.  Add this to your usual yoga or exercise routine, and of course work at your own pace and modify as you need to.  This is not ..read more

Yoga Meditation Ayurveda

I have just returned from an amazing three weeks in Melbourne where I shared Core Yoga Instructor Training and Levels 1 & 2 Thai Yoga Massage Training.  It was wonderful to share so much Yoga with people from around Australia and around the world.  Although Core Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage are quite different programs, the thing that they (and all our programs) have in com..read more

Ayurvedic Digestive Tea

Ayurveda, yoga's "sister science" of healing and longevity advises that your digestion is the first place to begin in creating vibrant good health.  And Ayurveda teaches us that our greatest pharmacy is found in the kitchen.  To improve your digestion with simple ingredients from your pantry try this Digestive Tea that will speed up sluggish digestion, improv..read more

Yoga Breathing

Also known as the Yogic Breath,  this technique helps to relax the abdomen, a place where we tend to hold a lot of tension and anxiety, and improve breathing patterns to utilize the whole of our lung capacity.  A great practice to prepare for meditation or yoga, to soothe a racing mind, or to come back to relaxed breathing after a long session at the computer..read more

Yoga Meditation Ayurveda

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a system of study and practice that is at least 5,000 years old. Yoga is not a religion, but a philosophy that influences a lifestyle integrating mind, body and spirit. The word Yoga means “to join” or “unite”. When we practice Yoga, union is attained in the physical practices by uniting body, mind and breath. Yoga is also practiced in ou..read more

To decrease physical tension, relieve mental stress, increase productivity, and improve your overall health, try these quick yoga stretches for the spine at work to improve posture, release tension, and boost your energy. Remember taking some deep, easy breaths while you stretch will enhance the stretch and revitalize body and mind. ..read more