Hip Pretzel Glut Stretch Core Yoga

The muscles of the buttocks/gluteal region are many and varied and include the large ‘gluts’ as well as smaller, deeper muscles like piriformis which help to move and stabilize the pelvis.  For some, these muscles can become troubled by excessive movement, trauma, or postural habits.  This can occasionally become a problem for some people; causing back pain, hip pain, and..read more

Becoming conscious of how we move, hold, and express our bodies is an essential step in lifelong health, and in workplace safety. Observing the tendencies in your body to tighten, tense, or hold awkward positions is an exercise that takes minimal time and energy, but has a maximum payoff. To improve your posture, enhance your performance, and decrease your stress level at work,..read more

Has stress got your forehead wrinkling, your jaw clenching and your shoulders perpetually shrugged to your ears? Chronic stress does more than deepen worry lines and tighten tense shoulders. Chronic stress is a main contributor to issues like overweight and obesity, emotional eating, sleep disorders and social anxiety. As well, chronic stress is a contributor in serious illness..read more

The most natural purification is one that is done with respect for the bodies' natural processes.  Colonics, intense cleansing/fasting, nasal irrigations and other powerful cleansing tools are best used with the help of a trained professional.  Ayurvedic doctors, naturopaths and Chinese medical practitioners can be helpful allies in your quest for detoxification and cleansing..read more

We all know that meditation is good for the mind, enhancing clarity, equanimity, and intuition.  But, did you know that meditation is good for the body as well? It lowers oxygen consumption. It decreases respiratory rate. It increases blood flow and slows the heart rate. Increases exercise tolerance in heart patients. Leads to a deeper level of relaxation. Go..read more

I have received a few emails in the past few months from students and teachers on the subject of the feet, and thought we might begin a discussion of this important part of our anatomy.  The feet are the most distant part of our anatomy to where we usually "reside" in our minds, and thus they can often be relegated to a position of little importance.  That is, until they begi..read more

Yoga is a deep and rich experience of body, breath and awareness, but sometimes the depth of our practice is hindered by slippery palms, niggling aches and minor discomforts that keep the awareness from moving deeper into the joy of the present-moment focus that our asana practice delivers.  Here are a few "quick fixes" to allow you to experience the depth of your practic..read more

I regularly field questions from students and Core Yoga instructors about the causes of that uncomfortable bulk around the waist, and the abdominal bloating that most of us experience from time to time, and wanted to address in a few points here.
Firstly, excess abdominal fat and abdominal bloating are two different things. When we carry excess ab..read more

The majority of students and teachers that I work with report that they spend at least a few hours a day on a computer. The result of frequent and long-term computer use is that the body begins to form itself around the task of typing. This means that your shoulders hunch forward, your chin pokes out, and your upper back begins to round. This kind of posture can cause a lot ..read more

Following our discussion last month about the current conversation in the yoga industry (and in the broader community) about the incidence of Yoga injuries, I have done a bit of research on whether or not there truly is an increase in Yoga injuries and, if so, how we can be safer teachers and students in our practice.
Are Yoga Injuries on t..read more

This month I have read several articles about how more and more athletes are practicing Yoga, not just to relax and unwind after a tough training session, but also for the many fitness and sport-specific training benefits. Athletes of all levels and from a wide variety of sports are using both group and private yoga sessions to increase flexibility, strength, endurance and agil..read more

Ayurveda – Yoga’s ‘sister science’ of holistic health care – recommends several self-care techniques that not only bring great health, vitality and purification to the body, but also offer an opportunity for compassionate self-care that can bring healing and connection to body, mind and spirit. In a series of Self Care articles, I will share a few of these simpl..read more