Home Study; Inspiring Your Practice and Your Life

Time is the most precious resource we have in this busy age, and can often be the most significant factor when we are considering developing our practice and exploring our personal growth. And so often time is the reason that we put off taking a course, booking a retreat, or even getting to a regular yoga class. These days, our needs have been seen and met with an incred..read more

The Water Footprint of Food

This month’s newsletter seems to be all about food, but in fact what I wanted to speak about in this piece is water. In Australia the use and availability of water is an ongoing dialog of concern and conservation. For me, being from a country where fresh water is seemingly in endless supply, I have had to learn to adjust many of my habits to conserve the precious water..read more

Why Do We Do Asana?

What is Yoga? Do you, when you think of yoga, conjure up an image of a class where you do exercises, stretches, and focus on your breathing? Well this is one part of yoga, and for most of us the most accessible and practical form of Yoga. But, is this all there is to Yoga? And for that matter, why do we do asanas (postures) at all?
Yoga has man..read more

Make Life A Ceremony

Get up. Shower. Eat. Drive to work. Work. Drive Home. Gym. Yoga. Dinner. Play with the kids. Pay the bills. TV.  Bed. Get Up. Shower. Eat. Drive to work...
Do you ever get the feeling that you are on a treadmill? That days, weeks, and months pass while the aspirations that are so close to your heart remain unrealized year after year until ..read more

Causes & Quick Fixes for Abdominal Bloating

I regularly field questions from students and Core Yoga instructors about the causes of that uncomfortable bulk around the waist, and the abdominal bloating that most of us experience from time to time, and wanted to address in a few points here.
Firstly, excess abdominal fat and abdominal bloating are two different things. When we carry excess ab..read more

The Power of Inspiration

I was listening to the radio recently on a long drive and heard a brief piece discussing the running of the 4 minute mile. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the subject, the four minute mile was thought to be impossible. Once the 5 minute mile had been broken it was collectively assumed that this was the limit of human performance. However, in 1954 Roger Bannist..read more

Setting Smart Goals – Stages of Change Model

The Stages of Change Model was first introduced in the 1970’s to help us understand that change does not occur in one step, but a process of steps that each of us undergoes as we endeavor to change an old behavior or adopt a new one. Particularly at the new year, a time when goal-setting has become a strong social trend, it can be helpful before you set your goals that ..read more

Yoga Injuries – On The Rise?

Following our discussion last month about the current conversation in the yoga industry (and in the broader community) about the incidence of Yoga injuries, I have done a bit of research on whether or not there truly is an increase in Yoga injuries and, if so, how we can be safer teachers and students in our practice.
Are Yoga Injuries on t..read more

Yoga For Athletes

This month I have read several articles about how more and more athletes are practicing Yoga, not just to relax and unwind after a tough training session, but also for the many fitness and sport-specific training benefits. Athletes of all levels and from a wide variety of sports are using both group and private yoga sessions to increase flexibility, strength, endurance and agil..read more

Past Year Reflections and New Year Affirmations

Past Year Reflections and New Year Affirmations

Over the more than 15 years of this newsletter I have many times offered a reflective writing practice that my Grandmother taught me.  This “New Years Reflection” technique involves taking some time to reflect on the year that has passed, and setting aims and affirmations for the year to come.  My Grandmother does ..read more

What I Love About Ayurveda

The majority of messages we receive from the mass media seem determined to tell us daily how we should be.  What I love about Ayurveda is that it helps us to understand and accept who we are.  And when we know who we are, we can make small but powerful changes to how we live which, when they take root, can blossom into great health, vitality, clarity, and personal evolution. ..read more

Your Opinions Won’t Keep You Warm At Night

Hello Friends, There have been some big conversations lately in Yoga relating to a new yoga book, a yoga ‘scandal’ and other assorted events that have the yoga community buzzing about ethics, safety, and confidence in the practice.  Although I have been sharing some of these items on our Facebook page, I must tell you that I have no opinion on any of these subjects. In ..read more