Declutter Your House – Declutter Your Mind

Last month we moved to a new house and it's always amazing to me (especially considering how often I move!) how much STUFF can accumulate in a home.  We have lived in Canberra for just 16 months and in that time have somehow managed to expand our household considerably with furniture, appliances, clothes, books, knick-knacks, and far too many things scavenged on hikes and more

Can There Ever Be Too Many Yoga Teachers?

Mind Body Messenger April 2011 Hello Friends, I was recently in discussion with a group of yoga teachers when one teacher mentioned an article that she had read that suggested that yoga injuries were on the rise in Australia, and that the fault lay with both an overabundance of yoga teachers and the inexperience of many of these teachers.  Everyone is entitled to their more

Tips for Teaching Corporate Yoga Classes

Trinity Grad Update May 2011 This month I have had a few questions from grads on running Corporate Yoga Classes.  It's one of my favorite mediums for sharing Yoga, and if you are interested in teaching Corporate Classes a few ways to get them running are: •    Contact companies directly - usually HR handles workplace wellness programs and has a budget for programs more

Do One Thing

I get a lot of newsletters in my inbox every day.  I like to keep up with all the yoga, fitness and wellness news happening around the world and I get great tips from some of my favorite teachers.  But, I have noticed that with so much information coming to me each day that the sheer number of tips, guidelines and motivations that I receive can get a little overwhelming. more

May is for Metta

Yoga Meditation Ayurveda

I have just returned from an amazing three weeks in Melbourne where I shared Core Yoga Instructor Training and Levels 1 & 2 Thai Yoga Massage Training.  It was wonderful to share so much Yoga with people from around Australia and around the world.  Although Core Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage are quite different programs, the thing that they (and all our programs) have in more

From Slapshot to Sadhana

One yoginis journey to discovering yoga in everyday life.

I gave up ice hockey for horseback riding.  It’s not a sports story you hear every day but it’s true, and yoga made me do it.  With a demanding job running a personal training studio, I saw the benefits of ice hockey as a great way to keep fit and burn off stress, more

I Wish Discipline Was My Friend

Spring is fast approaching in Australia, and after weeks of putting it off, I finally got around to cleaning out the bulging shelves of my book collection. Eager to sort out what needed to be tossed and what needed to be passed on, I cleverly decided on three piles; one for keeps, one for giveaways and the other a sort of ’in limbo’ pile that required further consideration, more

The Power of Observation

Recently while taking a break at a shopping mall, I witnessed an energetic toddler running rampant amongst the lower shelves of a bookshop. Leaving a trail of destruction behind him, he raced ahead like a runaway train. For most inquisitive toddlers the sensory experience must have been amazing. Though much to the relief of the shop assistant, it was short lived, as Mum was more

Walk On…Creating a Walking Fitness Program

Walking is one of the most effective, convenient, and cost-effective methods of exercise. You can walk anywhere, anytime, and with a minimal amount of equipment. For an effective walking exercise program, keep in mind:

  • Proper walking shoes are essential. Running or walking shoes are preferred over “cross trainers” or aerobics shoes. Asics, New more

What Is Time? Reflections on Awareness

What is Time?

It has been an amazing experience to observe my perceptions of time, and how it has influenced my life thus far. I admit that I haven’t put a lot of thought into this concept before. So, after reading Power of Silence by Carlos Castenada, and pondering for a few days the notion of time, I have begun to stretch my mind to consider the more

Annual Journalling and Goal Setting

Journalling the Year That Has Passed, and Setting Aims for the Year To Come This month I’d like to share with you a New Year’s tradition passed down to me by my Grandmother. It’s not a new years resolution, it’s no ‘hair of the dog’ hangover cure, and it’s certainly not a ‘lose the 2 kilos you put on over Christmas by lunch’ diet. This is a simple but more

The Acid-Alkaline Diet

We all know that a balanced lifestyle is essential for optimal health, weight management, longevity, and disease prevention. But, what does “balanced” mean? Well, that’s not a simple question, and doesn’t have a simple answer. However, one element of lifestyle balance can be found in the body’s acid/alkaline balance. In today’s fast-paced, high-energy, more