Sole Walk

This Thai Yoga Massage technique  is really easy to give and is most delicious to receive.  The technique involves walking on your receivers feet, and it brings relaxation to the whole body.  To begin, have your receiver lying face down on a soft but stable surface like a few yoga mats or blankets, with both of you either in socks or bare feet.  Set their more

Trinity Grad Update June 2011 Success in Business - A Few Tips For A Successful Thai Yoga Massage Practice I have gotten a few questions lately from our Thai Yoga Massage grads on how to get business flowing, and thought I'd share just a few ideas on how to get more clients for your Thai Yoga Massage Practice.  Firstly, I think we all find that the practice ebbs and more

Lavender Hand Cleanser Recipe

In Thai Yoga Massage after we have worked on the whole body we come to the neck, head and face (my favorite bit!) and it's nice to cleanse the hands before we touch our client's faces - but as naturally as possible.  So, here is a simple hand cleanser spray recipe that I have found works well to give your hands a gentle clean and a great scent to finish off more