Congratulations Core Yoga Instructors

Big thanks to these wonderful yogis for 5 dynamic days of Core Yoga in Canberra.  And a special thanks to Terence at Yoga Centricity in Gungahlin for the awesome metta-ful space!  Welcome our newest Core Yogis: David Tiffin, Leeton, NSW Lorelle Bunyan, Canberra, ACT Angela Thurston, Canberra, ACT Sandeepa Kanupartha, Canberra, ACT Victoria Spedding, Canberra, ACT more

Celebrate With Us! 20% Off All Online Programs and Products

Thank you for your support through 20 years in business and 10 years of yoga teacher training. Yoga Trinity Celebrates a decade of yoga teacher training programs shared with over 500 inspiring yoga teachers.  To celebrate the past 10 years, and launch our next 10 years of yoga education, we offer you 20% off all online and distance education training programs, podcasts, more

Stay Informed – Stay Safe

New graduates are often (mistakenly) overlooked when it comes to how we conduct our yoga or mind-body businesses.  They don't have enough experience, we might assume, to know how to go about running a business.  But, I was recently reminded by a new grad that fresh eyes can sometimes see places in our systems that could use an upgrade. In fact, more

Can You Be Really Fit and Still Have a Poor Core?

Is it possible that a student can work out, practice yoga, or do Pilates regularly, and still have a poor or weak core? Absolutely! It’s frustrating, I know, but the issue can be a bit complex, and combine any of the following: Weak deep core muscles, including pelvic floor, might go unnoticed if you are really strong in your larger or more superficial muscles. Poor more

Your Core is Not Just About Your Abs

Yes, Core Yoga or any core-centred practice will help you strengthen your abdominal muscles, but a core-focussed practice is about far more than a 6-pack. Functionally, your core encompasses more than the muscles you can see (or not see!) on your abdomen. Your core includes your back, pelvis, shoulders – more

Spinal Rotation

This simple warm-up posture comes from the Trinity Core Yoga program, and is ideal for warming up the spine, opening the chest, and deepening the breath.  Try it to warm up before a yoga practice, after a long period of computer use to loosen the spine and release the chest, or after a workout to cool down and stretch. Begin: Lie on your right side with a rolled blanket or more

Dead Leg Drop

This is a favorite stretch for the hips, back, and side of the body.  Ideal for post Pilates, fitness, long hikes, or as a part of the hip opening or restorative sequence in your Yoga practice.  Best practiced when you are warm and joints well lubricated. To Start: Lie on your back with knees bent, feet flat and placed on the outer edges of your mat ( more

The Pick Up

A favorite move from the Core Yoga sequence, this technique is ideal for building core strength in the deep muscles of the abdomen and also important ‘core’ muscles in the shoulder joint and rotator cuff.  Add it to your existing yoga practice or fitness program and you’ll feel the benefits straight away. Start: begin in Hands and Knees Position with your more

Hip Pretzel

Hip Pretzel Glut Stretch Core Yoga

The muscles of the buttocks/gluteal region are many and varied and include the large ‘gluts’ as well as smaller, deeper muscles like piriformis which help to move and stabilize the pelvis.  For some, these muscles can become troubled by excessive movement, trauma, or postural habits.  This can occasionally become a problem for some people; causing back pain, hip pain, more

Core Yoga Quickie – Includes Free Podcast

Core Yoga Instructor Training Australia

This free podcast guides you through a quick 20 minute yoga/pilates sequence designed to strengthen your abdominals, lower back, and upper body in a fluid sequence that will challenge your body, focus your breath, and clear your mind.  Add this to your usual yoga or exercise routine, and of course work at your own pace and modify as you need to.  This is not more