3 Part Breath

Yoga Breathing

Also known as the Yogic Breath,  this technique helps to relax the abdomen, a place where we tend to hold a lot of tension and anxiety, and improve breathing patterns to utilize the whole of our lung capacity.  A great technique to prepare for meditation or asana practice, to soothe a racing mind, or to come back to happy and full breathing after a long sessi..read more

Core Yoga Quickie – Includes Free Podcast

Core Yoga Instructor Training Australia

This free podcast guides you through a quick 20 minute yoga/pilates sequence designed to strengthen your abdominals, lower back, and upper body in a fluid sequence that will challenge your body, focus your breath, and clear your mind.  Add this to your usual yoga or exercise routine, and of course work at your own pace and modify as you need to.  This is not ..read more