Congratulations Thai Yoga Massage Level 2

We had a wonderful journey delving deeper into Thai Yoga Massage at our recent Level 2 training in Melbourne.  Congratulations to our newest Level 2 practitioners:   Ewelina Akehurst, Melbourne, VIC Gael Pettifer, Mornington Peninsula, VIC Sally Wain, Melbourne, VIC Karen Dahl, Canberra, ACT Helen Vandewerdt-Panzich, Manjimup, WA Liz Schembri, Bathurst, NSW more

Business of Yoga Pt 1

Starting any business is such an exciting experience, and when it’s your dream yoga career that just makes it even more exciting! However, before you get to the fun stuff of naming your business and designing your logo, there are a few things you might want to do. I have been having a few great conversations lately about yoga business, and I thought I’d share some more

Soothing Abdomen Massage

There is not much that is more soothing than a belly rub, especially if you are suffering from anxiety, digestive or elimination problems, or stress. Our abdomen is a storehouse of emotions, tensions, and stress; so massaging the belly is a great way to soothe the emotional body, release held tension, and help improve digestion and elimination. Please note that because the more

Hometown, Grassroots Yoga Teachers

Heather Agnew

I’ve noticed that in the yoga culture we often talk about the most famous teachers that we have worked with rather than the lesser-known teachers who have guided us, and even perhaps started us on our yoga journey. I wonder, is this simply because in conversation we can’t connect over teachers we don’t both know? Or, is this somehow a way of being famous by proxy? If I more

Congratulations Yoga Teachers!

We have just completed our Canberra Yoga Teacher Training and I'm feeling super blessed to have shared the journey with some awesome yogis.  Thanks to the support of our past graduates who came back to assist, and our teacher training graduates friends and families who all gave their time so generously, from being volunteer students to make sandwiches for the kids, I want to more

Spinal Rotation

This simple warm-up posture comes from the Trinity Core Yoga program, and is ideal for warming up the spine, opening the chest, and deepening the breath.  Try it to warm up before a yoga practice, after a long period of computer use to loosen the spine and release the chest, or after a workout to cool down and stretch. Begin: Lie on your right side with a rolled blanket or more

Recommended Reading from Trinity YTT Grads

I have just returned from 2 months of delicious family holiday time in Canada and it's lovely to be back in Canberra just in time for Spring.  While I was away I received a request from two prison inmates for some help in their developing yoga practice.  They wanted some recommendations for books and resources, as they didn't have access to a teacher and wished to further more