Vinyasa Flow DVDs Coming Soon

Yesterday I received the Vinyasa Flow Live Class DVD videos (woo hoo!) and today they are off to the printer and this project is almost ready to launch. Here's a sample of what the Vinyasa Flow Live Class will look like...stay tuned for details of our launch party and more! more

Yoga Biz Tips May 2015

Yoga Biz Tips # 3: 

Get to know yourself - make this a priority in your journey in business.  The better you know yourself, your strengths, weaknesses, skills and abilities, the better able you will be to manage, promote and grow your business - more

Congratulations Adelaide YTT Grads

Congratulations to our newest Vinyasa Flow Yoga Instructors who graduated our Adelaide training this year.  They are all heading back to their communities, from Adelaide to Nihll, to share their light and their love of yoga with their communities.  Please join me in congratulating: Roz Hill, Simone Higgins, Daniela Figueroa, Danielle Paphitis, Elisa Franklin, Rosemary Wallis, more

Yoga Biz Tips – It’s All About Your Vision

When starting or growing your yoga business it's important to have a clear vision of where you are at and where to want to go. Have a mission statement, business plan, and forecast for the future - but keep it flexible. Your plan needs to be adaptable, adjusting to changes, challenges, and opportunities as they arise - without losing touch with your overall vision. Too more

Teaching Yoga In Gyms – Q&A

I had a few questions from a recent grad regarding teaching yoga in a fitness environment, and I thought I'd share: Question: Is it Safe to Practice Yoga on a Towel? I have started teaching a yoga class at a gym, and the gym does not have yoga mats or any props and the class participants generally only use a towel or the carpeted floor when practicing. Do you think that more

Favorite Blogs & Newsletters

Favorite Blogs & Newsletters I just sent this out to our current group of Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher trainees and thought you all might like to hear about some favorite yoga, anatomy & massage blogs that help us to continue learning, pose by pose, muscle by muscle, yama by yama.  If you have a favorite resource we'd love to hear about it! I Love Anatomy e-zine by more

Yama and Niyama – Windows and Mirrors

At a recent teacher training intensive weekend we were discussing the foundations of Ashtanga Yoga philosophy, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and in particular we talked about the 8 Limbs of Yoga and how the logical progression of practices are designed to guide us in our journey towards greater self-knowledge.   Those Eight Limbs are:   Yama: guidelines more

How to Massage an Injured Body

I regularly get questions from massage graduates wondering how to massage clients who have a particular acute or chronic injury, and it's impossible for me to say exactly what to do or not do without knowing the client's history and injuries, however I can share a few important first tips:

  • Know your scope of practice
  • Don't be afraid to say 'I don't know'< more

Can You Be Really Fit and Still Have a Poor Core?

Is it possible that a student can work out, practice yoga, or do Pilates regularly, and still have a poor or weak core? Absolutely! It’s frustrating, I know, but the issue can be a bit complex, and combine any of the following: Weak deep core muscles, including pelvic floor, might go unnoticed if you are really strong in your larger or more superficial muscles. Poor more

Congratulations Thai Yoga Massage Level 1

Congratulations to our newest Thai Yoga Massage Level 1 Practitioners: Bronwyn Andrews, Sunshine Coast, QLD Margareta Wielgus, Brisbane, QLD Kirsten Grant, Albany Creek, QLD Emilie Fulton, Bracken Ridge, QLD Suzanne Upton, Burpengary, QLD Carita MacGregor, Kin Kin, QLD Claire Sawyer, Castaways Beach, QLD Monique Witsenburg, Palm Beach, QLD Sue Pope, Buderim, QLD more