Great for all ages, this pose can be playful, practical, or deeply restorative.  Frog is a great posture from which to enter other deep hip openers, or arm balances like Crow.  Therapeutic applications of Frog Pose include alleviating menstrual cramps, low back pain, and constipation.

To Begin:  From Downward Facing Dog, step or hop your feet to the outside edges of your hands.  Turn your toes out about 45 degrees and slowly squat all the way down, allowing your hips to meet the back of calves and heels.

Note: if your heels don’t meet the ground, try rolling up your mat or use a small block or pad to rest your heels on.

The Pose:  Sitting in the squat position, tuck the backs of the arms in the inner thigh.  Press the hands together at the heart, and press the elbows out into the thighs as the thumbs move inward to touch the breastbone.  Let the hips be heavy and the head rest easily on top of the spine.

Breathing:   Breathing deeply in this pose greatly benefits the digestive organs

Focus:   Make sure your knees follow the same alignment as your toes.  If your arches are really dropping or your knees are uncomfortable, place a prop under the heels.

Cautions:    If you have an acute or chronic knee condition that limits your ability to flex the knees, this may not be an appropriate posture for you.

Benefits:  An important pose for maintaining and improving the health of the digestive and elimination organs.  This pose is very helpful for alleviating menstrual cramps, lower back pain and constipation.

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