In the over 25 yoga teacher trainings that I have had the honor to facilitate so far, this question has come up at least once for just about every teacher trainee.  So, if you are starting to wonder if you are fit enough, bendy enough, speak Sanskrit enough, are peaceful enough, strong enough, spiritual enough, can do enough advanced poses – let me assure you that none of these things are really important qualities of a yoga teacher.  Here are the areas of skillfulness that we need to develop in order to be helpful to yoga students: 

  • Show Up
  • Hold a safe space for people to practice in
  • Help people through your words, gestures, or demonstrations to safely get in and out of poses while breathing.
  • Share your experiences in yoga, and help support people while they have their own experiences in yoga.

You will all do these things differently, and that’s great because there are a wide variety of students out there, and we need to offer different approaches.

So, if you can develop skilfulness in the above, then YES, you can be a great yoga teacher. 

Here’s what isn’t important:

  • Knowing everything about Yoga (no one does)
  • Being the most bendy, fit, strong, or proficient in asana (there is always someone better at asanas out there.  Want proof?  Go see Cirque du Soleil)
  • Doing the most courses (as in all areas of skill development, courses are great, but in teaching yoga the on-the-job training is the most profound)
  • Being young/old (young people aren’t always fit, and older people aren’t always wise – your age is not a handicap)
  • Being the most spiritual (we all have a different approach to yoga philosophy and spirituality – be true to your own beliefs.  Know that they may change or develop over time)
  • Having the best Yoga wardrobe (do I need to explain this one?)

If these have been getting you down, they are a great area for further practice and reflection in your own life, and also for reflection and sharing for your future yoga students – they will worry about this stuff too!

So, in closing – yes – you are good enough to do this YTT thing, and I look forward to taking the journey with you!

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